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Supermarket & Retail point of sale (POS) System

Detailed Sales Reports Just A Few Clicks Away

Our Grocery point of sale (POS) system is top of the line. We strive to provide a robust reliable solution which you can depend on.

Detailed Sales Reports - POS
Inventory Management

Inventory Management

UPOS G+ provides complete control over your inventory. Know exactly what you need when you need it. The inventory management console is easy to use and allows for a deep understanding of what are the real inventory drivers for your business.

Perfect Integration

Employee Tracking

Time management is on your side with the employee tracker. Know when your employees are actually working. Track what exactly has come in out and which employees have handled it. This is a key theft prevention feature which will give you piece of mind.

Employee Tracking
Critical Reporting

Critical Reporting

With UPOS G+ you have a firsthand look at your business. With its advance reporting engine, you are covered. See reports fast such as Sales, Cash, Inventory, profit Reports and many more which allow to have real control over your business.

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